We are The Community of St Anthony & St Elias, an organisation in Devon working with people with mental health conditions

A community of people, living and sharing their lives together.

What unites everyone here is the desire to move on and get on with their life - living together with people and all the interaction and support that goes with that, relating to each other as equals, exercising choices and coping with responsibilities that come with it.

Friends & Equals

We aim to encourage people towards independence and individual choice. The Community encourages the development of social as well as working relationships between residents and staff, creating a situation of equal persons living together.

In hospital, I was more sedated. I was asleep normally. It’s just a feeling where you haven’t got anywhere to go except there, just being there, depressed, so agitated, so angry, so furious why it happened to you, so down in the dumps that you can’t get out, can’t see any way forward. They should have more places like this, where it’s one-to-one, talking to you, gradually building you up into a state where you can be confident enough to carry on.

Quote from Community Resident